KFH app and Bisb website win big at eContent awards!

4SPOTS was recognised at the Bahrain and Arab eContent award ceremony under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Ministerm H.H. Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa and won awards for the KFH banking app and Bisb website. This win marks a series of achievements for the digital ad agency, which is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a presence in the GCC, Europe and Asia.

The eContent Award for the eBanking category was won for the KFH-Bahrain iPhone and Blackberry app. Being the first specialised banking application in the Kingdom, customers are able to avail location based services using the application. The application contains locator services to all ATMs, Branches and Ijara merchants allowing a customer on the move to not only locate, but also call customer service directly from the app. This value added service provided to customers greatly increases brand loyalty.

The Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) website won the eContent Award under the eBanking Category, for excellent information architecture, allowing content to not only be easily accessible, but also for focusing on improving the overall user journey through the website. Within the website, visitors can easily access all the pages, products, services or offers and documents related to the products and services BisB has to offer. The website is also highly optimised for search engines ensuring high visibility of its products and services in any search result.

Word from 4SPOTS Co-Founder on the app and website awards:

“The fact that 4SPOTS has been awarded for the BisB Corporate Website and KFH mobile apps is testimony to the high quality of creative and technical work ‎produced across all platforms by us. The 4SPOTS team has greatly contributed to this outstanding ‎achievement”, said Mr. Srusti Ranjan, Founder and COO of 4SPOTS. 

“Organisations often fail to realise the importance of uniting their interactive strategy. Right from usability and easy access to content on their website, to specialised services through applications on devices such as the Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or Android, 4SPOTS ensures a holistic interactive strategy that ensures an optimised presence online. We look at the big picture, be it social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter or apps that provide location based services, we make sure that an organisation is aware of and is able to listen, engage, converse and convert its target audience ensuring return on investment”, said Mr. Paul Poulose, Business Development Director at 4SPOTS.

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