How Automation is Reshaping Digital Marketing

Marketing automation offers many opportunities for marketers to create a buying journey that starts with welcoming new buyers and ends with remarketing to help customers make purchasing decisions.

The marketing automation trend will only gain more popularity and interest as we enter 2018 since more businesses and platforms are adapting to it. This is evident in platforms such as Facebook, where the focus is shifting toward automating the customer journey through the use of Facebook Messenger and creating a customer journey that starts with welcoming the customer and taking him/her through the whole product/service range without the need of interacting with a sales agent.

So how can a marketer take advantage of these tools and methods? Well, the answer is divided in several parts:

    • Marketing automation can be first used while onboarding new customers. This can be done through introducing the customer to your business by sharing how-to documents, brochures, contact details, etc. On the digital front, this can be automated through the use of tools such as Facebook Messenger bots and integrating these tools into the marketing flow. Another important area this can help in is e-mail marketing where follow up emails can be sent automatically based on the customer’s interests and needs.

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  • Remarketing is another tool to convince a potential customer who did not complete a purchase. For example: if a customer fills his cart with products but leaves the website, remarketing can be used to remind him to checkout and make a purchase. The customer can be retargeted by being tagged as a potential customer for that specific product. This can be done by sending reminders to purchase or sale messages if the item selected is discounted after some time. This allows companies to encourage customers to complete their purchases long after the first show of interest. It also opens up the opportunity to target the customer with products that are supplementary and complementary to his main purchase. For example: a customer who has purchased a car might be interested in discounted service package. We can use this tag to identify this customer and target him with the service package campaign through any channel that is integrated into this automated flow. This automation process can also be used to cross-sell by introducing current customers to other products and services that are offered by the business.

  • Automation can also offer marketers with the opportunity to build a better CRM system by automating the process of information storage and organizing. Many automation tools offer the opportunity to integrate directly into online ad platforms to capture customer data. Such tools also provide the opportunity to tag each customer under a category making it easier to identify new potential customers and customer behaviour more accurately through using the captured data.

  • Businesses also have the opportunity to entice current customers as well as win back previous customers from competition by sending reminders of new products and special offers. This automatic reminder can be personalized in order to give the customer a feeling that the offer was crafted specially for him/her. This will help businesses re-engage customers through incentivizing.

There are many other automation strategies and tools that can be used to acquire, retain and engage customers to increase business profitability and to take the business to the next level to keep up with the ever changing marketing landscape. To learn more, get in touch with us.

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