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Social Media Impact On The Automotive Sector


Social media has pretty much taken over our lives. As soon as you hear about a new car being launched, you would probably head straight to their social media pages/accounts. It might not come as a surprise that more than 80% of smartphone users in the Kingdom use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to research a car before they make their decision.

When it comes to an automotive brand, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have evolved into a marketing platform where it allows them to feed information and communicate with prospective users individually, where more than 90% of the region’s population are always active.

Here are a few key factors why social media & digital marketing is very crucial:

1. Social Is Constant

Car dealers can use Facebook ads to continue targeting shoppers based on interest. After a car shopper has browsed a dealer’s vehicle social media page/account and found the right model for them, a Nissan Maxima for instance, it’s likely they will leave the site to sleep on the decision and compare prices elsewhere. However, when they wakes up the next morning and log onto Facebook (65 percent of iPhone and Android users in the Kingdom go through their social media before getting out of bed), they come across an ad for the make and model they were looking at the day before. From the colour to the price, the advertisement is personalised to their exact preferences.

Thanks to News Feed advertisements, the automotive sector can stay on top of their game by paying attention to the shoppers’ interests and browsing patterns and encourage car buyers toward physical dealerships for final purchase.

2. Social Is On The Go

One unique characteristic of social media is its mobile applications. Almost every social network has a corresponding mobile app, which users can turn to at any time of the day from anywhere. Not surprisingly, as mobile grows, shoppers are increasingly comfortable researching and making purchases from their mobile devices. 71 percent of consumers use mobile at some point during the car purchasing process. Advertising on social media gives auto marketers the ability to leverage this growing network.

3. Social Is Tailored

Finally, social media marketing is of a great deal to automotive brands, as it can easily target very specific audiences to make the advertisements visible to. Today’s end users do not have the patience for broad, top-funnel information and will tune out ads for irrelevant products, no matter the industry. In order to truly engage the end user and make the most of social Return on Investment, automotive dealers have to personalise the advertisements down to the make, model and other key vehicle details.

Social advertisements are part of every digital marketing strategy that automotive dealerships must master. Social—whether due to its persistence, mobile capabilities or personalisation opportunities — can influence purchases in powerful ways.

Whether it be persistence, mobile friendliness, or personalised targeting methods, automotive dealers can always heavily influence a purchase from their end users.

We all know that buying a car is a long-term investment, but, through a proper digital marketing strategy and a good amount of brand related and tactical campaigns and info out there, dealers can eventually close a deal right away. ​It may sound like a lot of hard work, but that’s what professionals do!

We handle the complete social media management for some of the biggest automotive brands in the Kingdom. Contact us here to find out how we can help your brand grow and dominate the market digitally!

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