How Facebook Messenger is helping your business growth

More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger and communicate millions of messages every month via the messenger. It has outgrown other social media channels too!

Messenger marketing is a great way to extend your reach and promote audience engagement. You can use it to spread awareness about your new products, answer queries, and deliver the best customer service using personalised messages that meet specific needs. Create and strengthen every bond with each conversation.

This way you, as a business, can communicate with your prospects, leads and customers on places where they hangout.

How Regional Brands Are Using It

Regional brands, who have a vision for the future and can read between the lines, know that this is a revolutionary way to communicate with your audience. These brands are already adapting to the new technology and are ahead of the line.

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How You Can Use It

  • Customer Service: Brands can use the Messenger automation platform to deliver a better customer service, by offering replies to common queries.

  • Lead Generation: Brands can generate prospective leads via Messenger’s automation tools and nurture the leads further with specialized sequence of messages.

  • Customer Feedback: Imagine you walk into a restaurant, order your food and as you’re finished and about to leave, a message pops up on your smartphone asking you to rate the food quality and service..! That’s real-time feedback and one of the many possibilities future holds for Messenger marketing.

  • Re-engaging Prospects: Re-engage users who have visited your store but did not purchase anything. Or reach out to existing customers with new offers.

Future of Messenger Marketing in 2018 & Beyond

Here’s a glimpse of what the future holds for messenger marketing.

Digital messenger chat app “Line” from Japan is now a household tool for majority of Japanese residents. Not only that, the messaging giant launched payment service built right into it called Line Pay which is being utilized by 30 million Japanese!

Combine the power of Facebook’s targeting options and the trend towards messenger, one can clearly see the future of messenger marketing.

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