How Instagram stories can up your game

Last year (2017) , Instagram recorded over 63 million users in the MENA region alone and that figure is constantly growing! As of latest global stats, there are over 25 million business accounts on Instagram.

Along with newsfeed posts, brands have been quick to get on board with Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are a compelling way to communicate your brand message in 15 seconds. All over the world, stories are changing the way businesses connect with their communities. Let’s take a look at some of the stories we created at 4SPOTS.

What’s upcoming in 2018.

We’re expecting the following IG story trends to take over in 2018.

  • More videos will be produced catering to Instagram’s vertical video ad format. This would mean that brands will move slightly away from the traditional horizontal videos and take over stories to get more engagement.

  • More opinion related topics will be covered via POLLS. This feature hasn’t been completely utilized yet but we see a lot of potential that brands could tap into. For example, an ice cream brand could introduce a new flavor based on votes generated through stories. This would mean brands can specifically cater to consumer needs and produce what many people exactly want.

  • More conversations will take place via Instagram live. Now two people can go live at the same time from different places and engage with the same audience. For example, a brand can bring in a social influencer on air that could talk to people and even demonstrate a tutorial using the brand’s product. Example, makeup!

  • More businesses to take leverage through ads in stories. Ads in stories are going big and if your brand isn’t using this placement, you’re missing out!

Discover how 4SPOTS can help create beautiful Instagram stories for your brand by contacting us here.

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