All new responsive website for Lexus Bahrain! Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C, the largest distributor of automobile and automotive products in the Kingdom of Bahrain, along with 4SPOTS Bahrain, an award winning interactive agency announces the launch of its latest Lexus website. It is the first automotive responsive website in Bahrain that enriches the browsing experience by delivering its content and functionality across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

With over 65% of traffic for websites coming in from mobile and tablet devices, today’s connected consumers use websites to assist in research and analysis prior to any purchase. Based on this critical knowledge, the website was designed with a responsive structure as per the international standards of perfection that Lexus demands.

Why a responsive website?

“The launch of the new Lexus website is in line with our on-going effort to improve communication by providing the best experience for our users while they browse for information about our vehicle range while maintaining the high standards that Lexus demands” said Mr. Ayman Shehadeh, the Marketing Manager for Lexus and Toyota. “With a variety of devices in the market today, it was important that we designed a website that gave users the optimal immersive, rich experience across devices to meet a consumers expectation with the Lexus Brand”, he continued.

The term “Responsive Design” was coined in 2010 and was #2 in Top Web Design trends for 2012 by .NET Magazine. Mashable called 2013, “The Year Of Responsive Web Design” and Forbes featured a piece, ‘Why You Need To Prioritize Responsive Design Now’, where the importance of catering to multiple devices through one website was highlighted.  “To simply explain, Responsive Design is a technique that allows the website to adapt its layout to the viewing environment of the device – be it a desktop, notebook, tablet, phablet or mobile” said Srusti Ranjan, Co-Founder of 4SPOTS. “One cannot simply provide a desktop based website for a premium brand and expect 60% of the audience to pinch and zoom to view the same website on their mobile”, he continued.

Consumer research also found that users who purchased premium vehicles conducted research out of tablets and mobiles, referring to friends and loved ones prior to making a decision. As a result, the new website delivers detailed information on the various vehicles, features and options in a simple let efficient way irrespective of the device through which they’ve approached the website. The website also features simple tools that subtly allow the user to navigate with the least number of interactions and find interactive content with regards to a vehicle of their choice.

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