Website consultant for TRUST RE!

TRUST RE’s website designing revamp and management has been handed over to 4SPOTS! Trust RE, headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has appointed 4SPOTS, region’s leading interactive digital ad agency, as their website consultants. As the trusted re-insurer of choice within the Afro-Asian markets, TRUST RE plans to revamp its website in accordance with its brand strategy to further strengthen and build on Trust Re’s well established presence across the MENA region, Asia and Africa.

“We are very proud to have won the pitch and are very keen to be associated and work with the TRUST RE team. Although TRUST RE is headquartered in Bahrain, their wide focus within the Afro-Asian B2B markets brings an interesting challenge and mix in how we engage, converse and convert via digital channels including their website “ said Mr. Srusti Ranjan, the Co-Founder of 4SPOTS.

As an interactive digital ad agency, 4SPOTS facilitates brands in connecting to their target audience and other stakeholders using digital channels such as websites, applications on mobile devices such as the iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Android devices. 4SPOTS also specialise in social media management such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare along with digital advertising solutions.

Message from Trust RE about the website revamp!

“As a leading reinsurance provider, TRUST RE required an agency that brought not only design and technical skills to the table, but also experience to extend and grow its rich brand value online and 4SPOTS was a unanimous and obvious choice for our website implementation” said Mr.Yazid Bitar, Head of Corporate Communication at Trust Re. “Our collaboration with 4SPOTS could develop in the future to other digital media implementations” he added.

“Under this appointment, 4SPOTS has the opportunity to once again successfully prove ourselves in delivering a strategy for their website that not only returns on investment, but can also build brand value” said Mr. Paul Poulose, the Business Development Director of 4SPOTS.

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