WhatsApp Marketing for Business

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is considered to be as one of the most used platforms around the world to communicate with others, send audios, images, videos and even share locations.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

A professional way to communicate with potential users that in return leads to earning their loyalty.

Why WhatsApp Marketing?

  • Reaching the customers will be easier since almost everyone is using it already.

  • Let’s say you would want to target a specific segment, such as young customers, your job then is easy as most of them feel more comfortable using such channels for their daily communications.

  • It was found that messaging apps like WhatsApp have an incredible engagement rates! 98% of mobile messages are opened and read plus 90% of them are immediately opened within 3 seconds of being received.

  • Have you ever heard of the term “Dark Social”? It simply means people sharing the content through more private channels such as emails or chat app such as WhatsApp in comparison to other more public platforms. So WhatsApp is considered as a key factor in reaching your audience.

  • Remember, WhatsApp can be reached easily! No time or place restrictions, it’s installed within your phone which you carry almost everywhere with you. So you can say it’s more personalized than other devices such as computers.

The future of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is very simple and powerful as a tool. Don’t forget that the lack of ads or promotions through this channel does not indicate a weakness or a flow, it shows that you have the potential of standing out if you use it in the right way and for the right cause.

Last but not least, it’s cost effective and very easy to start communicating with your customers and get the potencial ones.

WhatsApp Business is now available in Bahrain

WhatsApp Business App has the following features that businesses can take advantage of:

  • Quick replies.

  • Automated messages.

  • Business profile (Location, Working hours).

  • Messaging statistics.

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