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    Waleed Hashim

    Waleed Hashim is a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Master from the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have transformed his website to reverberate the essence of his material related to that of mind and body. The e-commerce website provides access to his lectures and courses in audio and video formats. We have also introduced live streaming of […]

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    Arbah Capital

    In digital era, corporate image plays a key role in people’s perception of the company. Having a well-organised and visually attractive Website has now become essential in order to inspire confidence in their clients. Our mission was to develop Arbah Capital’s digital presence by mean of an ergonomic and contemporary Website and that’s what we […]

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    Marassi Al Bahrain

    Upscaling the living standards in Bahrain, Marassi Al Bahrain is a distinguished development project by Eagle Hills, a private real estate investment and development company. Offering a cohesive mix of residential and commercial properties along with world-class waterfront hotels.

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    Technology has a varies way of implementations. Whether it’s for business or for entertainment, it always makes human’s life easier.

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    BisB Annual Report 2017

    A responsive website to highlight the annual financial and operational report of BISB.

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    Ahlia University

    Ahlia University’s website was completely revamped with a new theme. User experience has become smooth and easy with the new interface and navigation. The website is trendy, neat and informative.

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    Spring of Culture

    The complete development of a community responsive website that showcases the exciting shows, featuring top artists, that range from dance, theatre, art, music, and song, as well as other cultural activities held throughout the Island.

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    Spring of Culture Mobile App

    Trendy, easy-to-use mobile applications were created for both Android and iOS devices so that users can stay up to date with the Spring of Culture events’ schedules and receive important notifications related to them. These mobile apps have the capability to function smoothly offline as well.

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    Spiritual Mentor

    The Spiritual Mentor app is an excellent tool to take advantage of multiple courses provided, to communicate directly with the Mentor and have access to the rich and varied content that will help improve one’s spirituality.

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    Al Hawaj’s responsive website is the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Portraying customer satisfaction as the pillar of success, users are also informed of the brands under their umbrella.

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    Isa Cultural Center

    A responsive website was developed to equip users with all the required details regarding the Centre’s services and use of its halls and libraries.

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    TRA facelift

    The TRA website has been given a facelift to refresh its look and feel. Navigating through the website has been made much easier, bringing about a tremendous improvement in the usability of the website.

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    Hilton Bespoke

    Hilton Bespoke, Custom Tailored suits can be purchased via shopping wizard.

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    BisB Revamp

    Experience the new multilingual, responsive website of BIsB which showcases their services to their best advantage. Initial designs were done by From6 and 4SPOTS performed the enhancements.

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    KFH Online Banking

    Online banking is made attractive with a complete overhaul of the theme, design and user experience..

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    StartUp Bahrain

    Complete development of responsive website showcasing entrepreneurs and events to facilitate related undertakings.

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    Noon by Noor

    The internationally-renowned fashion brand’s e-commerce site is chic, minimal and absolutely modern with elegant and easy to navigate features, which provide the best online shopping experience.

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    Team 4SPOTS built Qamrah’s website which is a contemporary, minimalistic e-commerce platform for fashion conscious women who enjoy online shopping.

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    Ministry of Transportation

    Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication’s modern, navigable website makes all relevant and updated information on Land, Air and Maritime affairs easily accessible to visitors.

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    Akalati is Bahrain’s first catering app where payment is made online for customized buffets and meals by users who want easy, immediate access to the top caterers.

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    The old website was revamped in line with the latest trends, to give a new look and feel to the SNIC brand and to provide abundant exposure to all their products.  

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    Saudi Cement

    With a new brand identity showing their significant presence in the regional cement industry, 4SPOTS has created a Website that translates Saudi Cement’s market dominance on the digital front.

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    Arbah Capital

    In digital era, corporate image plays a key role in people’s perception of the company. Having a well-organised and visually attractive Website has now become essential in order to inspire confidence in their clients.

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    4SPOTS introduced a restructured Website that adhered to the international Lexus brand guidelines, which in turn became the de facto standard adopted by some other Lexus Websites around the world.

  • TIMA_Listing_Image_530x500


    This eCommerce website has a carefully planned transition model, from the collections showcased, to the transactional section, with a focus on converting users while they engage with the brand.

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    Student Links

    This intuitive portal allows employers to connect with potential interns. A payment gateway is also integrated to allow students to pay their yearly membership.

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    First Motors website was revamped from ground up with a restructuring of the information architecture and a modern and vibrant design.

  • Nissan_Listing_Image_530x500


    With Social Media, 4SPOTS team cooperated with Nissan to have 50,000+ brand loyalists and 11% steady engagement rate.

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    Bahrain International Circuit

    Initiated by His Highness Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, honorary president of the Bahrain Motor Federation, and opened in 2004, the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) hosts the annual Bahrain Grand Prix, a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship. This makes it a key part of the sport’s elite.

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    This student portal is a massive solution to any standard. UX was given prime importance to ensure that the students can easily perform all administrative and educational functions.

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    Bahrain Financing Company (BFC) is one of the leading money transfer and foreign exchange companies based in the GCC. Since its establishment in 1917, the company has developed a well-trusted reputation for always moving money smartly, efficiently, dependably and at the best rates available.

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    A revamp of previous website to match latest Trends in UX and web design. Bisb’s new website gives a experience and assists visitors finding more about services.

  • Arbah2_Listing_Image_530x500


    A modernised website that revamped the online presence of this leading investment group to make it more contemporary.

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    Bahrain Airport

    With two distinctive sets of target audiences (B2C, B2B), the site content is organized through a color code, making content discovery easier and keeping depth of penetration to only a few clicks.

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    Shoaibi Group

    Using a unique navigation approach, the website enabled the company to engage with users via an intelligent and rich experience.

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