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Project Brief

It’s Fiber or Fibre?

When you are asked to create a website for a company that is aiming to provide a fiber-optic network to 100% of all businesses, every question is important and nothing is a stupid question.

As part of their digital outreach campaign, BNET tapped 4SPOTS to create a unique digital experience that would help them put the first digital baby step to a wonderful world of fiber. Ok, we are being dramatic here. In reality, to create an experience that felt authentic, we considered how the BNET website is a reflection of its core services, perception of individuals about fiber optic, and more importantly a company that is committed to connecting the entire Kingdom! Hence the elements, abstracts, fundamental shapes, and functions were inspired by fiber-optic technology to be used in a digital context.

Visually, whether it is the animation of the map of Bahrain, isometric icons, or scroll animations, they all do have a common goal to enhance customer experience and let them carry an impression of the brand BNET as a highly committed fiber optic infrastructure provider. Furthermore, Today, nearly everywhere you turn you see people browsing the internet on their Smartphones and other mobile devices. Mobile web browser usage has skyrocketed over the past few years and has overtaken the desktop version as the preferred digital platform. We did recognize the same for the BNET website and hence created nearly a similar experience in the mobile version of the website.

In the early part of our discussion with the client, the top management had communicated their desire to create a technologically-advanced digital communication infrastructure that will contribute to consumer welfare and Bahrain’s economic growth. Providing a contact form or any traditional form of reaching out to BNET would have created a dent in that perception. Hence, we have created functionality to check the fiber availability directly through the website. For which, the data is updated regularly so the customer is aware of the availability of fiber in their area.

Services Offered

    • UI / UX
    • Interactive & Application Design
    • Web and mobile design
    • Information Architecture
    • Phantom Blade Design
    • HTML Build

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