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  • Ertiqa

    Ertiqa is a Non-Profit Organization registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, concerned with the collection, refurbishment and distribution of used computers to educational and social institutes. In association with “Extra”.

  • National Bank of Bahrain

    Enriching the banking experience to bring NBB closer to you.

  • AlFozan Group

    Established in 1959, Al Fozan Holding Co. is one of the fastest-growing holding companies.

  • stc protect

    stc protect website allows the users to purchase multiple insurance products from the convince of their smartphones.

  • Jawwy TV

    This is a single-page website which showcases the features of the Jawwy TV app.

  • STC Elite

    stc partnered with Standard Chartered Bank to reward the stc Elite Customers.

  • STC Pay

    stc pay is a new and convenient way to allow customers to transfer money internationally where payment can be done instantly at various merchants for stc lines.

  • O’Mario

    A simplistic single-page website introducing O’Mario as a digital media entertainment channel with a prime focus on ‘The Deal’. The Deal brings advertisers and sponsors alike to help support the three original shows under the O’Mario YouTube Channel; The Iryna Show, With Seeta, and The Hidden Dimension Show.

  • Bahrain Olympic Committee

    An automated system for Nasser award under the Bahrain Olympic Committee. The system designed is a comprehensive platform that allows users to submit their research papers to get recognized by a government body and have the judges review and filter the work of the participants to then select a winner.

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  • Will you marry me Fatema?

    That’s definitely not my Valentine’s day confession. Dealing in 1s and 0s life didn’t allow me to be that romantic either. I got up early today, thought to just check the weather before I take my bike out. “Ok Google, What’s the weather today?”, I asked. “In Muharraq today it will be cloudy with the […]

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  • Banks are dead, but banking is not.

    Are we going to see the writing on the wall in Bahrain too? I believe so, not of course because ila Bank, a 100% digital bank, has just burst into the scene, rather a case of how long could the banks resist the disruptions happening in the banking industry without their active involvement. A stronger […]

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