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  • National Bank of Bahrain

    Enriching the banking experience to bring NBB closer to you.

  • O’Mario

    A simplistic single-page website introducing O’Mario as a digital media entertainment channel with a prime focus on ‘The Deal’. The Deal brings advertisers and sponsors alike to help support the three original shows under the O’Mario YouTube Channel; The Iryna Show, With Seeta, and The Hidden Dimension Show.

  • Bahrain Olympic Committee

    An automated system for Nasser award under the Bahrain Olympic Committee. The system designed is a comprehensive platform that allows users to submit their research papers to get recognized by a government body and have the judges review and filter the work of the participants to then select a winner.

  • VIVA Elite

    VIVA partnered with Standard Chartered Bank to reward the VIVA Elite Customers. The main challenge was to highlight benefits of having the membership, that was achieved through a user friendly interface design and intuitive user experience.

  • Waleed Hashim

    Waleed Hashim is a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Master from the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have transformed his website to reverberate the essence of his material related to that of mind and body. The e-commerce website provides access to his lectures and courses in audio and video formats. We have also introduced live streaming of […]

  • Arbah Capital

    In digital era, corporate image plays a key role in people’s perception of the company. Having a well-organised and visually attractive Website has now become essential in order to inspire confidence in their clients. Our mission was to develop Arbah Capital’s digital presence by mean of an ergonomic and contemporary Website and that’s what we […]

  • Marassi Al Bahrain

    Upscaling the living standards in Bahrain, Marassi Al Bahrain is a distinguished development project by Eagle Hills, a private real estate investment and development company. Offering a cohesive mix of residential and commercial properties along with world-class waterfront hotels.

  • Meem

    Technology has a varies way of implementations. Whether it’s for business or for entertainment, it always makes human’s life easier.

  • BisB Annual Report 2017

    A responsive website to highlight the annual financial and operational report of BISB.

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  • Will you marry me Fatema?

    That’s definitely not my Valentine’s day confession. Dealing in 1s and 0s life didn’t allow me to be that romantic either. I got up early today, thought to just check the weather before I take my bike out. “Ok Google, What’s the weather today?”, I asked. “In Muharraq today it will be cloudy with the […]

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  • Banks are dead, but banking is not.

    Are we going to see the writing on the wall in Bahrain too? I believe so, not of course because ila Bank, a 100% digital bank, has just burst into the scene, rather a case of how long could the banks resist the disruptions happening in the banking industry without their active involvement. A stronger […]

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