Will you marry me Fatema?

That’s definitely not my Valentine’s day confession. Dealing in 1s and 0s life didn’t allow me to be that romantic either. I got up early today, thought to just check the weather before I take my bike out. “Ok Google, What’s the weather today?”, I asked. “In Muharraq today it will be cloudy with the […]

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Banks are dead, but banking is not.

Are we going to see the writing on the wall in Bahrain too? I believe so, not of course because ila Bank, a 100% digital bank, has just burst into the scene, rather a case of how long could the banks resist the disruptions happening in the banking industry without their active involvement. A stronger […]

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Get your brand Ramadan ready

Ramadan is a very special month not just for individuals and families but to every component of society including corporate institutions and brands. Using the limited space that is provided on the digital medium, there is fierce competition to make your mark during this bustling season.

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Know Your Compliance – GDPR

The GDPR (general data protection regulation) is a new law put into effect to give EU citizens more control over their data. This law has been placed to have organizations follow a more transparent approach to the way in which they handle personal Information.

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Still Printing your annual report?

For years, companies have been printing their annual reports and distributing manually to various stakeholders. Not only are they costly to produce, but too heavy

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Why Advertise on Snapchat?

What pushes 33 million users in the Middle East to be an influenceable audience on Snapchat? What makes them constantly engage with the platform on a daily basis?

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How Automation is Reshaping Digital Marketing

Marketing automation offers many opportunities for marketers to create a buying journey that starts with welcoming new buyers

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How Instagram stories can up your game

Last year (2017) , Instagram recorded over 63 million users in the MENA region alone and that figure is constantly growing!

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How Facebook Messenger is helping your business growth

More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger and communicate millions of messages every month via the messenger.

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WhatsApp Marketing for Business

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is considered to be as one of the most used platforms around the world to communicate with others, send audios, images, videos and even share locations.

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Automotive Social Media Marketing

Social Media Impact On The Automotive Sector   Social media has pretty much taken over our lives. As soon as you hear about a new car being launched, you would probably head straight to their social media pages/accounts. It might not come as a surprise that more than 80% of smartphone users in the Kingdom […]

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Boost Your Instagram’s Performance With These Tips!

5 Instagram Tools to Improve Your Marketing Have you ever thought of taking your Instagram marketing to the next level or using tools to support your efforts online?

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4SPOTS Wins W3 Award for Lexus Website

Bahrain based Interactive agency 4SPOTS has won the prestigious W3 award for 2014.

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Digital Agency for BMMI! New Corporate Intranet Solution

4spots has been appointed as the digital agency for the implementation of Intranet solutions for BMMI.

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Website consultant for TRUST RE!

TRUST RE appoints 4SPOTS as their official website consultant and interactive digital ad agency! Find out more about the partnership here.

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KFH app and Bisb website win big at eContent awards!

4SPOTS was recognized at the Bahrain and Arab eContent award ceremony under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister H.H. Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa.

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Winning the WMA Web Awards marks a series of awards for 4SPOTS this year.

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Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C, the largest distributor of automobile and automotive products in the Kingdom of Bahrain,

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