If you still do, you gotta read this

For years, companies have been printing their annual reports and distributing manually to various stakeholders. Not only are they costly to produce, but too heavy for an average user to carry around and share. What if we told you that your annual reports can be digitized? (Check this one we did for Bahrain Islamic Bank)

For financial institutions, this can be a big breakthrough and a cost effective method to communicate their financials with shareholders and various stakeholders. Here are some of the major reasons why you should digitize your annual report:

  • Cost-Effective – Let’s be honest. Preparing and printing your entire year’s report is a huge task and ends up being too costly! Once you sign up with a digital agency to prepare your digital report, you’re saving a lot of money as your entire report is going to be online.

  • Responsive – Your stakeholders and interested users can carry the report along irrespective of their busy / travel schedules. Your digital report is completely responsive and can be viewed from any device.

  • Statistics – You can know exactly what part of your report is being viewed the most and optimize in the future. You can also know the demographics of users viewing your report.

  • Graphics – You can add custom elements (animations, videos etc) in your report and enhance the user experience.

  • Sharing features – Your digital report can easily be shared by stakeholders, co-workers and analysts.

  • Eco-friendly – Last but not the least, it’s eco-friendly to have a digital report as against a printed one. Be the pioneer and get one step closer to being paperless!

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