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Will you marry me Fatema?

That’s definitely not my Valentine’s day confession. Dealing in 1s and 0s life didn’t allow me to be that romantic either. I got up early today, thought to just check the weather before I take my bike out. “Ok Google, What’s the weather today?”, I asked. “In Muharraq today it will be cloudy with the forecasted weather high of 17 and low of 11. Currently, it’s 17”, my Google assistant replies. Speaking to voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana are becoming far more

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Banks are dead, but banking is not.

Are we going to see the writing on the wall in Bahrain too? I believe so, not of course because ila Bank, a 100% digital bank, has just burst into the scene, rather a case of how long could the banks resist the disruptions happening in the banking industry without their active involvement. A stronger Fintech industry needs stronger partners from both the financial and technology industry, if not equally at least to a great extent. So far the torchbearers, the likes of Paypal, Apple, Samsun

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